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Vimal.V.V, Vineeth Abraham, Vineetha Nair, Reshmi.G., Anuja.

This project was carried out as part of PSBH program jointly organised by Dept. of Community Medicine, Medical college, TVM and Health Action by People, Thiruvananthapuram

Accident has been defined as an unexpected, unplanned occurrence which may involve injury.  Accidents represent a major epidemic of non communicable disease in the present century.  Currently vehicle accidents rank   9th in the order of disease burden and is projected to be ranked 3rd in the year 2020.  In India, more than 70000 people get killed due to RTA every year and this needs to be recognized as an important public health issue.


To find out the profile of RTA in the month of November 2002.
To find out the age & sex – wise distribution of cases.
To find out the distribution of cases based on the type of vehicle/vehicles involved.
Distribution of head injuries in the cases under study.
Distribution of alcoholics in the cases under study.
Number of deaths that occurred in the cases under study.


Study design     


Record based descriptive study
All RTA cases admitted in MCH during the month of November 2002 are selected.  A  Preliminary proforma was prepared and a pilot study was conducted.  All feasible questions were framed, using the proforma.


27.2% are <20 year age group.
Males (81.6%) involved in most of the RTA cases.
HEAD injury constitutes 58.4% cases, 22.8% as the involved were alcoholics.  58% of those involved were riders.  86% were treated successfully case fatality risk 14%.  Maximum no of accidents occurred between 12 noon and 6 pm (41%).

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